Kapture® is an Australian-owned and operated market leading dust suppression solutions company, we build and focus on creating technologically advanced products that are engineered to resolve environmental and industry problems. To deliver on our promise, our products are rigorously tested in controlled environments and industry fields for optimum performance and results.

While we specialise in the mining industry, Kapture® also services broader industries to include oil and gas, civil construction, rail & road, steel and military.



Kapture® International’s mission is to deliver eco-friendly, safe products that lower dust emissions globally.



At Kapture®, our vision is to create sustainable and effective dust solutions for all industrial sectors. Therefore, we are devoted to using advanced technologies to develop a dust-free environment for communities.

Our goal is to create and innovate products that deliver high quality engineered solutions that are friendly for the environment, cost effective and outperform conventional methods.



Kapture® prides itself on the core values of excellent products and customer service, honesty, integrity and community engagement in dust suppression.


Kapture® are engaged to be market leaders in the manufacture of innovative dust suppression products through customer specific solutions.


Our products are rigorously tested in a laboratory and field applications for best possible customer outcomes.


We are dedicated in developing products that will positively impact the environment.


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Overburden Drilling

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