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Kapture™ is a highly concentrated solid block used as an additive to water for the suppression of dust. Designed for the mining industry, it can be applied using existing site water trucks, tankers or sprinklers, as well as injected into water supply lines.

Made from a blend of water retaining agents and humectants, Kapture™ works by breaking the water’s surface tension causing it to uniformly spread over a larger surface area. It draws and holds moisture in to stop it from evaporating in order to capture an increased amount of dust before becoming airborne. It can be applied to all types of clay, coal and siliceous matter.

Kapture™ is also a cost-effective solution for a range of industries including the oil and gas, civil construction, city councils, railroad and military sectors.

Kapture DS500-PQD


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Overburden Drilling

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Civil Construction


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Kapture™ is a brand of TBC Distribution

About TBC Distribution

TBC Distribution specialises in cleaning and hygiene solutions for the healthcare, hospitality, education, government, industrial and commercial sectors. It supplies a full range of chemicals, hand and body care, toilet paper and paper towels, garbage bags and bins, janitorial supplies, vacuum cleaners and safety gear. It also offers an extensive range of glassware and kitchenware.

Originally a branch of True Blue Chemicals, a market leading chemical manufacturer, Managing Director Shane Leigh purchased the business in November 2011 to become an independent distributor. Today, through service, quality and innovation, TBC Distribution assists clients to add value to their business via cost savings, reduced down time and safety compliance.

TBC Distribution services the Sydney, Illawarra, South Coast, Southern Highlands, Canberra and surrounding regions. It also has access to a national supply chain through its membership with TBC Supply Group.

In October 2019, TBC Distribution launched a range of dust suppression solutions designed for the mining industry and effective across all sectors.

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