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Dust Suppression Block

Complex blend of surface-active agents packed into a unique solid block that is dissolved in water and sprayed across the soil. DS600 soaks into the soil, rather than sitting on top of it, thereby avoiding evaporation. The result is an increased amount of dust suppression and less spray treatments required.


Quick Dissolve Dust Suppression Block

Highly concentrated, fast dissolving solid block that is dissolved in water and sprayed across the soil. DS500-QD breaks the water’s surface tension making it penetrate and uniformly spread. The result is an increased amount of airborne dust being captured.


Probiotic Quick Dissolve Dust Suppression Block

The environmental choice for dust suppression, DS500-PQD features a probiotic ingredient designed to target and digest harmful bacteria in settling ponds and waste water. The result is cleaner waterways and a lower environmental impact.

Which Product is Right for your Business?

All products are suitable for use in existing site water trucks, tankers or sprinklers as well as injected into water supply lines.

Dissolve Time:





Carton Size:


Soluble Plastic Packaging:

Quick Dissolve:



40 minutes in truck

2-3 hours in water supply line

2 blocks per 1,000L of water


H188mm x D50mm


15 (approx. 9kg)


20 minutes

2 blocks 1,000L of water


H188mm xD50mm


15 (approx. 7.5kg)



20 minutes

2 blocks per 1,000L of water


H188mm xD50mm


15 (approx. 7.5kg)


Drill Assist Block

Field results have proven DA500 reduces water consumption by up to 50%˜

Designed for overburden drilling, DA500 is a highly concentrated solid block that quickly dissolves in water to not only suppress dust but enhance the drilling process. Water retaining agents binds the soil to assist in collaring of the hole in softer ground; whilst the smoother drilling process decreases fallback from drill cutting, and reduces the hazard of bogged drill rods. DA500 also contains corrosive inhibitors to help minimise equipment deterioration.

Additional benefits to dust suppression include:

Smoother Drilling Process

The addition of water softeners reduce the risk of bogging rods, improve collaring of the hole, and decrease fallback from drill cuttings.

Increase Equipment Lifespan

DA500 contains corrosive inhibitors targeted at metals designed to help reduce rust. In the long-term, this will help minimise equipment deterioration, maintenance and replacement.

*Increase in low humidity or cooler temperatures as required, or if injecting a quick dissolve product into water supply lines.
^Manufacturing variances may result in a size and/or weight difference of approximately ten per cent.
˜Trial conducted at an open-cut coal mine located in Moranbah Queensland. Name withheld for privacy purposes and at the clients request. Results vary according to ground conditions.
Disclaimer: Due to circumstances beyond TBC Distribution’s control, the soluble plastic packaging – as stated in the above table and on the specification sheets – has been delayed. Individual product packaging must be removed before dissolving a KaptureTM block in water. We sincerely apologise for the delay and are hopefully of having this finalised shortly.