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reduce production costs

Reduce Production Costs

Compared to using an intermediate bulk container (IBC), the lightweight design cuts down production times by reducing the amount of setup work required. The forklift becomes redundant so the crew get to work faster. Reduced production times mean reduced production costs. And if you’re using water alone, you could cut production times by almost half as less spray treatments are required using Kapture® dust suppression solutions.

dust suppression solutions
Table is an estimate for usage comparison purposes only. Weights are an approximate based on the DS500-QD product.

Increase Productivity

Field results have proven double the ground coverage compared to liquid alternatives. By removing the need of a forklift to cart an IBC, or reducing the number of spray treatments required compared to using water alone, the crew get to work faster and productivity goes up.

save water

Save Water

Excessive water consumption is typically a result of not using any solution at all. More water means increased costs and a negative impact on the environment. You also put your business at risk of a fine due to Australian water restrictions. Kapture® is more effective than using water alone meaning less spray treatments are required. This not only saves water and production costs but increases productivity.

safety dust mask

Improve Worker Safety

Isolating workers from the source of dust will form a safer working area. This decreases the risk of silicosis disease and coal workers’ pneumoconiosis (CWP, also known as black lung disease). Use of the product itself is safe as generally eye and hand protection are not required. Safe manual handling practices can also be easily adhered to with a maximum carton weight of approximately 9kg – no forklift required.


More Effective than Water Alone

Water alone pools on the surface of the soil and then evaporates. This means that multiple treatments are required to effectively suppress dust. Kapture® dust suppression solutions combined with water sinks below the soil’s surface to avoid evaporation. Water retaining agents draws and holds moisture in to capture an increased amount of dust before becoming airborne.

dust suppression solutions

Meet Regulatory Obligations

Comply with Work Health and Safety (Mines and Petroleum Sites) Regulation 2014 – Sub Division 2 Section 39, ensuring exposure standards for dust are not exceeded. Don’t fail an inspection by ensuring dust levels in the air are kept to a minimum and protect workers from airborne dust exposure.


Remove IBC Problems

An accidental forklift puncture of an IBC could result in a potentially hazardous chemical spill. There’s also the issue of storage and disposal. Kapture® is a solid block that is difficult to break and safe to touch. The small, easy to handle carton weighs approximately 9kg maximum and can be recycled after use.



Made from natural ingredients such as coconut oil and palmitate that will not harm the environment. The outer carton is recyclable cardboard, and the individual plastic wrapping is soluble meaning you can throw it in the water and it will completely dissolve. C02 emissions are reduced compared to an IBC as the small carton size minimises freight required.

The DS500-PQD product also features a probiotic designed to target and digest harmful bacteria in settling ponds and waste water. The result is cleaner waterways and a lower environmental impact.

Australian made

Australian Made

Support local jobs, industry and the economy by buying products manufactured in Australia using locally sourced components.

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