Kapture® is a highly concentrated solid block used as an additive to water for dust suppression. It can be applied to all types of clay, coal and siliceous matter using existing site water trucks, tankers or sprinklers, as well as injected into water supply lines.

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Dust Suppression Product Range

DS600 dust suppression


Dust Suppression Block


The slow release formula makes DS600 the ideal choice for use in water supply lines.

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DS500-QD dust suppression


Quick Dissolve Dust Suppression Block

The quick dissolve formula makes DS500-QD the ideal choice for use in water trucks, tankers or sprinklers.

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DS500-PQD dust suppression


Probiotic Quick Dissolve Dust Suppression Block

The added probiotic ingredient makes DS500-PQD the ideal choice for the environmentally conscious business.

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DS500-QD dust suppression


Drill Assist Block


Designed for overburden drilling to not only suppress dust but create a smoother drilling process.

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Benefits of

reduce production costs

Reduce Production Costs

Lightweight design cuts down production times by reducing the amount of setup work required.
increase productivity

Increase Productivity

Field results have proven double the ground coverage compared to liquid alternatives^.
save water

Save Water

Reduced water consumption compared to using water alone as less treatments are required.
more effective than water alone

More Effective than Water Alone

Kapture® combined with water sinks below the soil’s surface to avoid evaporation.
safety dust mask

Improve Worker Safety

Isolate workers from the source of dust to form a safer working area and decrease the risk of silicosis disease.
meet regulatory obligations

Meet Regulatory Obligations

Comply with Work Health and Safety (Mines and Petroleum Sites) Regulation 2014 – Sub Division 2 Section 39.
remove ibc problems

Remove IBC Problems

No risk of an accidental forklift puncture and hazardous chemical spill. Plus, no issue of storage and disposable.


Made from natural ingredients such as coconut oil and palmitate that will not harm the environment.
Australian made

Australian Made

Support local jobs, industry and the economy by buying products manufactured in Australia.

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