How does Kapture dissolve to ensure all water contains dust suppressing capabilities?

Kapture works in a similar manner to any dissolvable tablet. It offers a slow release effervesce that spreads throughout the container of water until it is completely dissolved.

How many blocks do I need to use?

Please refer to the Specification Sheet for each specific product. Generally, 2 blocks per 1,000 litres of water. This should be increased in low humidity or cooler temperatures as required, or if injecting a quick dissolve product into water supply lines.

Specification Sheets can be found on the Product Range page.

Will Kapture cause calcification and over time blockages?

No. Kapture has been formulated to dissolve readily when it comes in contact with water leaving no residue. Water softeners will neutralise any hard salts such as calcium and magnesium.

In the event of a fire, can I put it out with water containing Kapture?

Yes. Kapture will have little effect on firefighting capabilities. If anything, it could put the fire out faster as the water retaining agents cause it to uniformly spread over a larger surface area.

Will Kapture chip or damage the road?

No. Kapture is made from natural ingredients that will not cause harm to the road or environment.

Will Kapture leave a slippery residue that could result in a trip hazard?

All water spills are a potential trip hazard and safety guidelines should always be followed. Kapture will not leave any specific slippery residue. It produces a thin water film that spreads evenly and penetrates the soils surface rather than sitting on top of it.

What PPE is required when handling Kapture?

Please refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for each specific product. Generally, eye, hand and body protection are not required for typical applications with diluted solutions as per label directions. The SDS can be found on the Product Range page.

Is Kapture safe on the skin if someone walks through a mist of diluted product coming out of water supply lines?

Once diluted, Kapture is no longer classified as hazardous to GHS standards. The pH is neutral thus no acidity or alkalinity issues for skin or eye contact. It is still advisable to wear gloves, particularly for those who suffer from skin sensitivity such as dermatitis, as well as eye protection as it may be irritating if in the eyes. Please refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for each specific product for further details. The SDS can be found on the Product Range page.

Is Kapture environmentally friendly?

Yes. Kapture is made from natural ingredients such as coconut oil and palmitate that will not harm the environment. The outer carton is recyclable cardboard, and the individual plastic wrapping is soluble meaning you can throw it in the water and it will completely dissolve. The DS500-PQD product also features a probiotic designed to target and digest harmful bacteria in settling ponds and waste water – resulting in cleaner waterways and a lower environmental impact.

Can Kapture be used in an overburden drill?

Yes. The DA500 has been formulated for this specific purpose. It not only reduces airborne dust but enhances the drilling process. To learn more about DA500, visit the Products page.

Can a hard copy brochure be posted to me?

Yes. We are happy to post a hard copy information pack which will include a brochure, product specification sheets, product safety data sheets, and a price list. Please complete the Information Pack Request Form.

I want to start ordering, how do I open a 30-day trading account?

Simply download and complete the Credit Application Form and return it to us.

Where do you ship to?

Kapture is shipped Australia wide. Please refer to the Shipping Policy for full details.

Can I make a return?

Yes. Please refer to the Returns Policy for full details.

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