DA500 Case Study


An open-cut coal mine located in Moranbah Queensland1 were looking to improve the overburden drilling process. They wanted a method to not only suppress airborne dust, but improve the competency of drilling holes, and reduce water consumption.


Kapture manufactured a specific solution based on its popular DS500-QD dust suppression formula. It was refined across multiple trials until the desired outcomes were achieved, thus creating DA500.

Field results have proven DA500 reduces water consumption by up to 50%1


The use of DA500 resulted in:

  • Reduction in airborne dust, not only to the direct drill operators but to secondary workers including the blast and dip crew
  • Reduced water consumption by up to 50% with less water required to achieve the same dust suppression results
  • Increase to productivity as less water refills of the drill were required
  • Improved collaring of the hole
  • Smoother drilling process with the stability of drill cuttings.
1Trial conducted at an open-cut coal mine located in Moranbah Queensland. Name withheld for privacy purposes and at the clients request. Results vary according to ground conditions.