Dust Suppression Solutions

Designed for the Demolition, Construction and Civil sectors

Kapture® is a highly concentrated solid block used as an additive to water for dust suppression specializing in the demolition, construction and civil sectors. 

It can be applied to all types of clay, coal and siliceous matter using existing site water trucks, tankers or sprinklers, as well as injected into water supply lines, hand held spray bottles and pressurised vessels. 


  • Proven dust reduction results 
  • Improve worker safety 
  • Meet Regulatory Obligations 
  • Save water 
  • Increase productivity 
  • Reduce production costs 
  • Biodegradable 

Kapture DS500 - QD

Highly concentrated, fast dissolving solid block that is dissolved in water and sprayed across the dusty areas. Kapture products break the waters surface tension making it penetrate and uniformly spread. The result is an increased amount of airborne dust being captured. 


Kapture IBC Spray System

The Kapture® IBC Spray System is an engineered solution that is specifically designed for dust suppression dispersion to dusty roads, paths, carparks and quarries. It allows for the storage and distribution of dust suppression to large areas. In addition, it holds 1000L and takes 2 Kapture® DS500-QD Dust Suppression Blocks for the correct amount of surfactant. 

Suppress CP20 – 1000L & 15L

A surfactant based dust suppressant that permeates into the substrate of all types of clay, coal and any siliceous matter. Its high dilution rates and superior wetting makes it the ideal choice where dust control in important. Ideal for demolition, construction & civil sectors. 

Chamber Bottle

Accurately and safely measure your liquid concentrates with our Supress CP20 chamber bottle. 

Kapture Dust Gun

The Kapture® Dust Gun is designed to wet down dusty work sites in remote areas and remote roadways. Its use is ideal for areas where conventional water carts or suppression systems cannot access.