DS600 Case Study


Dendrobium Coal Pty Ltd is an underground black coal mine located in the Illawarra region of New South Wales. It is owned by South32 and produces coal 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

Production times were lengthy due to the amount of setup work required – pump cart/sprayer, forklift to transport three heavy 1,000 litre IBCs, plus a trailer to tow them. The lengthy production times resulted in an increase to production costs.


Kapture was manufactured in a lightweight, easy to handle block of 600g with a carton weight of 9kg (15 blocks per carton). It is highly concentrated and easy to dispense with only two blocks per 1,000 litres of water required.

Field results have proven double the ground coverage compared to liquid alternatives^

^Results based on a trial conducted at Dendrobium Mine - Illawarra Coal using Kapture DS600


The changeover to Kapture resulted in a significant increase to productivity and thus decrease in production costs. Using Kapture only a sprayer is required on the front of the load-haul-dump truck (LHD) which allows the crew to get to work quicker and spray for a full 12 hour shift. This has meant double the distance is covered in the same amount of time. A forklift or trailer is no longer required as the lightweight 9kg carton can be easily carried.

The product itself is also more effective as it soaks into the road, rather than sitting on top of it, and captures more dust.

Kapture is working very well at our site and is definitely more productive. The amount of setup work required is less which has meant we can spray for a full 12 hour shift and cover double the amount of ground – this has resulted in production cost savings. The product itself is also soaking into the road, rather than sitting on top of the road like a crust as some opposition products do, which has meant fewer spray treatments are required.

Mat Reh, Outbye Superintendent, Dendrobium Mine – Illawarra Coal