Kapture IBC Spray System

An engineered dust control solution

The Kapture® IBC Spray System is an engineered solution that is specifically designed for dust suppression dispersion to dusty roads, paths, carparks and quarries. It allows for the storage and distribution of dust suppression to large areas. In addition, it holds 1000L and takes 2 Kapture® DS500-QD Dust Suppression Blocks for the correct amount of surfactant.

Mass: 15 kgs (empty) 1000 kgs (full) Width: 1200mm Length: 1200mm Height: 1000mm


  • Dissolves Kapture® product into the water stream
  • 1000L covers approximately 1000 sq/m 2
  • Takes 2 Kapture® Dust Suppression Blocks per 1000L
  • Inbuilt strainer for dissolving Kapture® Dust Suppression Blocks
  • Inbuilt breather in the lid
  • Steel IBC suitable for underground
  • Spray patterns covers 2.5m width
  • Can be used by a forklift or on a ute
  • Disperses water with Kapture® product at walking pace