Kapture 2`` Canister

An engineered dust control solution

The Kapture® 2″ Canister is an engineered solution that is specifically designed for installation into water supply lines behind continuous miners. Additionally, allowing for storage and replacement of up to 4 Kapture® Dust Suppression Blocks at a time without disrupting the flow of water downstream.

Mass: 35+ kgs Width: 215mm Length: 600mm Height: 430mm


  • Ball valve operation doe bypass, suppress oroff mode
  • Single inlet and single outlet point
  • Manual safety valve to relieve any stored water pressure
  • Dissolve Kapture® product and injects into waterstream
  • Pressure gauge to monitor water pressure during operation or change out
  • Designed for use behind a continuous miner
  • Rust inhibitor in Kapture® Dust Suppression Blocks to restore and clean water circuits
  • Suitable for flows of up to 150L per minute
  • Procedures available for request