Kapture Dust Gun

An engineered dust control solution

The Kapture® Dust Gun is designed to wet down dusty work sites in remote areas and remote roadways. Its use is ideal for areas where conventional water carts or suppression systems cannot access.

Mass: 3.8kg Width: 75mm Length: 590mm Height: 140mm


  • Used in conjunction with the Kapture® DS500-QD Dust Suppression Blocks
  • Removes suppression problems in hard to reach areas
  • Can be used on dusty roads, seal sites and longwall tailgates
  • Easy to use with standard water onsite with manual safety valve to relieve any stored water pressure
  • Suppresses dusty areas where you can’t access with conventional water cart methods
  • Easy to change out Kapture® Dust Suppression Blocks
  • 3/4” BSP connection to suit multiple commercial or domestic fittings