Kapture Hose Spray System

An engineered dust control solution

The Kapture® Hose Spray System is an engineered solution that is specifically designed for dusty road ways or areas in underground mines. It works in conjunction with a 3/4″ Kapture® Canister to disperse dust suppression down from a roof or rib every 5 metres. The Kapture® Hose Spray System generally needs one operation every shift for approximately 5 to 10 minutes.

Mass: 3.8kg Width: 75mm Length: 590mm Height: 140mm


  • Dissolves Kapture® product into the water stream
  • Wets up to 250m of roads or area depending on water pressure with Dust Suppression
  • Works in conjunction with 3/4″ Kapture® Canister
  • One shift operation to minimise dust on dry roads
  • Spray pattern covers up to 5m wide on road ways
  • Easy installation and maintenance