Kapture Submergible Basket

An engineered dust control solution

The Kapture® Submergible Basket is an engineered solution that is specifically designed for installation into ponds, tanks or any large pockets of water. It allows for the storage and continuous replacement of up to thirty Kapture® Dust Suppression Blocks at a time into a large volume of water.

Mass: 7+ kgs Width: 300mm Length: 250mm Height: 400mm


  • Dissolves Kapture® product into the water stream
  • Can hold up to 30 Kapture® Dust Suppression Blocks (2 boxes) at any one time
  • Inbuilt mesh basket for ease of Kapture® Dust Suppression Block replacement
  • Basket lid which contains Kapture® Dust Suppression Blocks until fully dissolved
  • Multi-point adjustable hanging frame
  • Water depth adjustability
  • Galvanised or stainless steel options available